17 Signs Are Enough to Tell You That You Can Be Your Own Boss

By Isabella Rossellini February 9, 2017

Each person may have had millions of ideas by now, but hard life has shown them that it is not possible to breathe life into all these ideas. Here are some ways to execute them

(Newswire.net — February 8, 2017) — Most of the entrepreneur geniuses are born that way. If you are one of the few gifted minds who know how to sell ice to an Eskimo, you know what we are talking about! You think differently, talk differently and draw inspiration from the most impossible places. You are a mad-scientist who can turn every challenge into an opportunity.

Each person may have had millions of ideas by now, but hard life has shown them that it is not possible to breathe life into all these ideas. Just because someone has a dream does not mean he has the facilties to turn them into reality. But you, the gifted entrepreneur, know what stands between a man’s dream and an incredibly successful business venture.


If you know that you are cut out to be an entrepreneur, you already know what skills set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Here’s a brief glimpse of the skill-set you will require to become a successful businessman:

i. You love to ask questions – you do not like to take things for granted. You like to ask why things are the way they are and what could be done to make them better. You are a doer not just a talker.

ii. Insecurity is your USP – while most people are driven by confidence, you are driven to achieve greater things in life because you are never satisfied with what you have got. Your insecurity fuels your ambitions and unquenchable thirst to set new goals for yourself. Most of the times you are hyperfocused, thanks to your fear of failing, and that drives most of you and your men along the paths of success.

iii. You don’t like the idea of working for someone else – you have grown up idolizing Musk, Bezos and other entrepreneurial geniuses who made it possible to work on their own terms and yet make millions. As a matter of fact, chances are, your parents were self-employed as well and encouraged your business oriented thinking.

iv. You may lack funding, but you never lack confidence – confidence is something that can always be found in your demeanor. People around you find you enigmatic, fresh and confident. When was the last time you met a self-pitying entrepreneur who takes pleasure in self-destructive pessimism?

v. Passion is something you never run out of – from the model windmills you had built for school to all your current ideas; you have never lost the passion for what you are doing. You may not make a dollar for every hour you invest in what you love, but that’s what keeps you going.


vi. What’s a “No’? – You have a special dictionary that does not include the words “No” and “Quit”. When combined with the quality to ask incessant questions, this can drive your friends and family nuts (if it hasn’t already). But just like us, you have already figured out that entrepreneurs cannot take “No” for an answer.

vii. Your bedroom is just another office – you friends loathe you for it, your SO has threatened to leave, but keeping your “work stuff” in your bedroom is just much more convenient. You don’t have to walk all the way to your designated office space or the living room to tally numbers during a phone call. And besides, what makes for better bedtime reading than your own company’s profit analysis reports?

viii. You believe in job security, with a twist – you have realized the secret about job security a long time ago. Your job is safe and secure, as long as you have complete control over it. You cannot rely on a senior authority to deal with the clients and targets of the month, you cannot get some shut-eye before a target is met and you know that one mistake can ruin a career, but not yours!

ix. You are possibly unemployable – and we do not mean that as an insult! Employability was never the strong suite of our business heroes and in all probability you have never paid much attention to finishing college and attending special classes for extra grades in high school either. Now that you have kick started your own business, we won’t be surprised if you do not have an updated CV or a website that curates all your achievements. Although you may be worth quite a bit in the business market, most people know your brand and love your services, but find you utterly unemployable.

x. You have an exclusive “friend”-list on social media – you possibly get more twitter notifications on your phone than actual messages from your friends and family. Your phone is filled with blog alerts, LinkedIn contacts and contacts of business prospects who can get you new marketing ideas, new budget plans and loans within an hour’s notice.

xi. No achievement is good enough – au contraire to most people working under a multi-star banner, no amount of achievement is good enough for you. Your day starts with “Okay, so what’s next?” every day, no matter how much your business earned the day before. You love setting your own milestones and surpassing them at every opportunity you get.

xii. Money isn’t your best friend – like most entrepreneurs you have fallen in love with the power and allure of money quite early in life. You may have started out by making money by selling old baseball cards, but the love gradually pushed you to bigger things like collectible postcards and signed balls from eBay or yard sales. With age you understood that it was the thrill not the profit that gave you the kick. You strive for new challenges everyday and not every one of them is as rewarding as your previous ventures.

xiii. You have considered consolidation loan or have more than once – the fear of losing your assets keeps you awake every night. The interest rates on your business debt are better than caffeine to keep you working and motivated. As a matter of fact, to manage the umpteen number of small and large business loans you have taken over the years, you have opted for loan consolidation. It has helped you to tackle the rates better and pay your bills on time. No one knows the ramifications of a missed payment better than you, and you dread the thought of the day you have to take another credit card loan due to some failed venture or another.

xiv. Navel-gazing has been your favorite pastime – there may be thousands of pros of not having an immediate supervisor, but the most neglected downside is the lack of someone to evaluate your progress. Since you are your own boss, in most of the cases you will need to evaluate your own performance. Staying neutral is difficult indeed, but not impossible if you weigh yourself on the same scale as your employees. Another great way most entrepreneurs evaluate themselves is by paying attention to customer feedback, complaints and reading competitors’ feedback reports.

xv. You like to party hard, but work harder – you have a slightly different take on this #Yolo motto and it is possible that your employees may like you a little less for it. After a late night party on a Saturday, you can be seeing crunching numbers in your office on a Sunday morning. Nothing from 16 inches of snow to a cloudless sunny day is enough to distract you from your work. You love to try new things, fall face-first into the darkest corners of debts and rise like a phoenix from your own “unsuccessful” ventures. Failure is just another word for you, and you like staying focused, delivering quality work even on the gloomy days.

xvi. You have been called crazy, more than once – everyone with the prominent exception of your immediate family, closest friends and pets think you are crazy! There have been times where people have voiced their doubts about your sanity in parties and social hangouts in your presence. Your business ideas have been termed borderline insane but genius on a fairly regular basis. You think very less about social equations and dynamics, in fact, you are rarely ever seen in social situations. You are hailed as the maverick recluse by your employees, acquaintances and friends, and you kind of enjoy that.

xvii. You like being an introvert – you knew you are not a “people-person” possibly in elementary school and it does not take a psychoanalyst to tell you that you are still an introvert. You would rather spend your time honing your entrepreneurial skills and reading new research about your ventures than jibber-jabber with pseudo-friends in bars and nightclubs. You are a selective good listener. You love spending weekends at home and are tired of hearing from your friends how some sun may do you good.

These are a few very obvious but neglected signs that you are a talented entrepreneur. While reading this article, you may be in school, college or university, but you already know what you want from life. You have a hunger for the unknown and a thirst for money. You love setting new challenges for yourself and achieving them as well. So, even if you have 7 out of the 17 traits mentioned above, chances are you will develop the rest over time.

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Entrepreneurship – 17 Signs Are Enough to Tell You That You Can Be Your Own Boss

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