Online Advertising is a version of internet marketing that promotes brands/websites by increasing their visibility in search results. Online Advertising builds a paid search campaign to get found on Google, Bing and Yahoo through daily optimization of search campaign. Online Advertising looks at how users engage with a client’s website and uses that data to target customers who have higher chances to purchase products and services. Online Advertising can be classified into four areas namely Google Advertising, Display Advertising, Lead Generation and Business Profiling.

Google Marketing
Need more customers the first step is a search on Google, Bing or Yahoo through automatic optimization and bidding to get you more visitors to maximize conversions.
Automatic Campaign Optimization enables continuous of adjustment of keyword bids to get better results. Included in this package is Visitor-based analytics and engagement measures that help one to better understand website traffic.

Display Advertising

You can connect with your website visitors on Facebook, CNN, New York Times and other top quality websites.
Get new visitors by showing your ads in front of new people with similar characteristics to your current visitors.
Maximize your branding and online business image.
Boost your marketing efforts and increase leads and sales.

This is how it works

A visitor comes to your website through your SEO, SEM, and other marketing efforts. When they are browsing on major quality websites like Facebook, CNN, and NY times, ad will be shown as they are browsing online. Ad will also show in front of new people who have similar characteristics to your current visitors using targeting technology. Increasing brand exposure and awareness will be achieved as people click on ads, visit your website, and turn into customers.

Lead Generation

Generate quality leads right from your website, engage your website visitors with appealing coupon offers, give them a chance to contact you from any page
Connect with them right away and turn them into customers.

This is how it works

When visitors arrive your website through online marketing sources you can offer them coupons to give the push they need. Provide avenues to let visitors contact you, then answer and manage them right from your smartphone and thereafter build relationships and turn them into lifetime customers!

Business Profiling

Provide corporate Information about business and goals including name of business, telephone, contact forms and local listings, name of contact and email address to receive leads.
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Online Advertising

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