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Content Marketing Management

For clarity, content marketing management comprises of content marketing strategy, content marketing, and content strategy that is used to essentially drive traffic to a website to grow the business. Content Marketing Strategy in line with the overall marketing strategy of the company is the formulation and implementation of vision, goals, persona research, content audit, content management

Creative & Branding

Dinet Comms provides creative and branding solution initiatives that produce a broad-based creative and branding application in line with the brand strategic intent to create meaningful connections with the customers. Some of the resources we use to achieve the desired objective of a brand include Brand Style Guideline, Visual Communication strategy, Marketing Collateral, Advertising Media,

PR & Advertising

Online Advertising also referred to, as online marketing or internet marketing is a form of advertising adapted to deliver a carefully crafted promotional message to the identified target market. It comes in various versions such as PPC (pay per click) display ad., SEM (search engine marketing) and SMM (social media marketing). Talk to us now

Press Clippings Service

Online Press Clippings – A social media monitoring solution monitors conversations of companies, brands, and individuals on social media – Twitter, Facebook, Google+ blogs, and thousands more you may not know about. PR executives – remember daily press clippings on various media to know conversations that are going on in your industry. We provide online

Reputation Management

What is online reputation management? It is a practice that deliberately initiates to shape the publics’ perceptions of a company, brand or individual by positively influencing online information about them. It takes a while to build a reputation which should be maintained and monitored all the time since it is easier to destroy. So guide

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