Email marketing is the sending of commercial or promotional messages such as advert, business request, sales promotion, ecommerce info,etc., to identified target audience by means of electronic mail to build loyalty, trust and brand awareness. The first step in email marketing is to set goals to be achieved to guide content creation and industry template newletter required. Thereafter build a mailing list, create content, send out the emails and measure results. In building a subscriber list the mailing list should target preferred audience to resonate with goals to be achieved in terms of customer personas. A customer’s personas are his/her personal profile, product content needs and attributes.

The email content message should be interesting, personal, looking clean and crisp to encourage its readerbility. Email marketing has specialized industry template appeal for different sectors including business, magazine, general purpose, ecommerce, restaurant, etc.,

Our email profile builder ensures that adequate information that resonate with goal set about subscribers are captured.

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