Category: Online Media Monitoring

Reputation Management

What is online reputation management? It is a practice that deliberately initiates to shape the publics’ perceptions of a company, brand or individual by positively influencing online information about them. It takes a while to build a reputation which should be maintained and monitored all the time since it is easier to destroy. So guide

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Press Clippings Service

Online Press Clippings – A social media monitoring solution monitors conversations of companies, brands, and individuals on social media – Twitter, Facebook, Google+ blogs, and thousands more you may not know about. PR executives – remember daily press clippings on various media to know conversations that are going on in your industry. We provide online

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Online Brand Monitoring

Every business requires excellent online reputation to build trust leading to loyalty. The customer lifecycle management loop enables brand monitoring to uncover mentions – positive, negative and neutral attributes of the brand that can lead to sales conversion and customers’ complaints resolution. Brand reputation management begins with the knowledge of web crawling of reviews, comments, articles,

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