Press Release is an official company statement issued to bloggers, journalists, influencers concerning a specific information to influence the target audience to build trust and foster deeper relationship. Press Release is produced in objective journalistic style and distributed to millions of potential readers to get them engaged – Get your news item delivered to newspapers, magazine publishers, cable TV/radio stations, independent journalists with the purpose of getting specific call to action.

Why you should issue a press release?

Press releases can be used to announce:

• New products
• Existing product improved modification
• Corporate identity Relaunch, such as a new company name or logo
• Joint ventures
• New corporate structure change (New division or subsidiary)
• Events (trade show)
• New funding such as bond package
• Executive changes
• Corporate Social Responsibility (donations & sponsorship), etc.

Benefits of press release disribution include:

• Connecting with media outlets locally and online
• Connecting with investors and prospective partners
• Publish your message in front of millions of potential customers
• Direct traffic to web site through search engines
• Increasing online sales
• Tracking results via editorial mention using our social media monitoring service
• Adequate content distribution
• Connecting with social media and bloggers maximize exposure

Adding multimedia press release?

Multimedia press release allowa a company deliver news in a multimedia format mix – video, audio, text, logos, photos and related documents. Existing video and audio footage from commercials, product launches, etc. can be visually packaged with text, photos, hyperlinks, relevant documents extend the reach of the press release.

Expanding the visibility of Press Release through Social Media

Press release posted to social networking sites such as Facebook, Linkedln, Twitter can connect with millions of social influencers to increase its visibility which can go viral with multimedia addition which can include such items as infographics, videos, ebooks, white papers, webinars, live event, relevant case studies, demos, samples, free trials, manuals, process guides, etc.

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