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Are you thinking about starting a podcast? If so, you're not alone. In recent years, podcasts have exploded in popularity, with over 750,000 active shows and more than 30 million episodes currently available. With such a large and growing audience, there's never been a better time to start a podcast of your own.

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In the first month of activity the Cost Per Action was reduced by 20%
Return on Investment of 272%
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Starting a podcast is a lot of work. It requires coming up with a great idea and recording quality episodes. You also need to promote your show and build an audience.


Publishing a podcast requires that you tell a story of how one of the listeners was able to use an advice by Dinet Comms to grow the business. Not only is the project a great way to promote a podcast, but it is also a powerful marketing tool. When done well, a project can help you attract new listeners and convince them to give you show a try. Here are a few tips to help you get started

* Decide what the podcast should be all about, that is, what to share with the world

* Decide whether it should be conversational, interview or monologues

* Start planning your podcast


Hire Dinet Comms to voice over the edited scripts using life-like human voices. Dinet Comms helps you to:

  • Turn any YouTube Videos, Text, eBooks, and into podcasts
  • Create Podcast for businesses
  • The podcast industry is about 425 million audience

  * Finally, publish your podcast yourself to target millions of audiences on Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon, and other major podcasts and sharing it to social media platforms.

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