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Keyword searches are the words or phrases online users type into search engines to find what they are searching for. Keywords are carefully chosen to drive traffic to a website. For instance, one can choose a low competitive keyword to easily get ranked on the search result page and drive traffic to a website for lead engagement that converts to sales.

In this project, we focused on extensive keyword searches Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon, and Wikipedia to thoroughly analyze our choice for selection based on volume, search intent, value, suggested bid for Adwords ad and competition, and keyword difficulty.

One can use search engine marketing and search engine optimization for chosen keywords to drive traffic to their intended destinations for leads and conversion.

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Keyword for Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is a paid search for keyword to show at the top of search result page when users searched for it. For example, we paid for keywords plumbing business for sale, it showed up at the top of the search query result page.

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Keywords for SEO Organic Traffic

Having optimized On-page SEO and Off-page SEO we opted for a select mix of keywords in a various formats using parameters such as vo;ume, search intent, value, keyword difficulty, etc to ensure the target keywords showed up in the search queries of the search engines.

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Keyword Research

We researched a huge number of relevant keywords on Google, Bing, Yahoo and where applicable added Amazon and Wikipedia and select the dominant ones across search engines for search ranking penetration to drive traffic.

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Competitor Keyword Research

What are the keywords that our competitors using? It is neccessary to search the keywords that drive the traffic for our competitors. We focused on our strategic keywords in line with our objectives, and combined with those of competitors to increase the search benefits of lead generation.

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Keyword Position Checker

We checked the position of a website or URL in the search engines - Google and Yahoo for target keywords in relation to that of competitors ranging from 50 to 500 and develop a strategy to rank up to the desired position.

Keyword Research Tools

Long-Tail Keyword Research

1. Researching the long-tail keywords allows us to be specific in targeting niche demographics and drives quality traffic to a website for lead generation and conversion.

Keyword Density Checker

2. We use a keyword density checker to know the number of times a keyword or phrase is used on a web page or website to enable the search engines to determine where the website should rank for a particular keyword.

Meta Tag Generator

3. We ensure that meta tags code that is generated containing the title, keywords, description, etc are placed on every page of the website for search engines and site visitors to know the content of the site.

Robots.txt. Generator

4. We provide a robots.txt.generator to guide the search engines on how to crawl the website. This is deployed so as not to accidentally block the search engines from properly crawling the website the right way.

XML SiteMap Generator

5. We deploy XML SiteMap code to ensure search engines' spiders navigate the site correctly.

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