Company online presence analysis and audit

We help our clientele to conduct a comprehensive site audit or conline presence analysis with a detailed report of errors and the suggestions to fix them..

Complete company analysis

Every website desires to show up on the first page of search engine results page based on the keyword search query. It requires a plan of action to achieve this covering on-site audit, rank tracking. backlink checker, keyword checker, content ranking on Google, etc. 

On-site Audit

We initiate a complete website check by crawling all pages. Scan to discover errors, content duplications, etc. on a continuous basis to track the progress of the website optimization. We provide this monitoring service for our clientele and submit a monthly report through email branded for each of them. 

Rank Tracking

We keep an eye on our clientele websites' rankings to ensure a long time success with search engines with regard to search query. We monitor our clientele rankings and their competitors on both desktop and mobile searches and submit analyses, evaluations and reports to enable one to react to changes in search results to achieve the best possible ranking ahead of the competitors.  

Backlink Analysis and Monitoring

Backlink is an important factor in search engine ranking. A website with the most valuable backlink in competitive areas has a better chance to make it to the top of search engine results page. Our backlink analysis initiative helps to monitor a website's link profile and that of the competitors and identify new opportunities for new and useful backlinks deployment.  

Keyword Optimization

Get keyword optimization with our unique keyword checker for a particular keyword and topic for better ranking on search engine. At the client's instance we can develop a keyword check proposal to improve ranking. 

Effective Web Development Solutions

Competitors' Keyword Optimization

Get to know the competitors' keywords and the reasons they rank higher in search engine results. We compare the keyword optimization of two websites based on one or more keywords and analyse the differences to make decisions for better ranking. 


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