Facebook Ads Spy Techniques

Dinet Comms creates winning ads using facebook ads spy techniques to find and replicate instant high-converting fb ads that work for engagement and conversion. Dinet Comms runs your facebook ads campaign that generates a high ROI for you. No more Losses! Don't spend again on fb ads campaign that does not work.

Profit big from fb ads campaign that works. According to research information, about 57% fb users say fb ads influence their purchases, 78% of American people find products they intend to buy through facebook ads, 28% of users make purchases through fb ads, and 93% of social media advertisers use fb ads to target their customers through fb. 


Most smart companies get leads and sales conversion from fb ads campaigns because they did it right. Yet there are others who did not know how to get it right. Dinet Comms helps you create winner ads. Avoid wasting money and stop blaming Facebook for poor results. Dinet Comms helps you identify winning ads, their engaged audiences, and landing pages, and replicate them for results leading to a high ROI.


If you're looking to make fb ads campaign works for you, Dinet Comms helps you to create quality high-converting winning ads by finding and replication what works.  

Work Flow

Dinet Comms uses a proprietary app to list ads in all niches by searching a keyword, domain, and competitor's fan page and sorting them out by segments. Instantly see the ads targeted analysis and who are engaging for replication. 

Get to see the landing pages that convert by studying the design and makeup of the advertising assets such as headline, copy derivation, content flow, visual content mix composition- image and video, call to action, and list building capability, all ready for replication of sales pages that convert for results.  

Stop creating ads that won't convert. Use the replication strategy to improve on what works and align it to suit your brand's tone and strategic intent.  

Eliminate Guess Work in fb ads campaign planning

Dinet Comms helps you identify the ads that are working with figures to back them up and those that are not. Stop shooting in the dark wasting your ad budget on a strategy that won't work. Dinet Comms helps you search for keywords, niches, and competitors' ads that are running and winning big turning out impressive results.

Dinet Comms helps you to generate buyers' traffic through fb ads campaigns. Remove the testing of ads and strategy-wasting efforts. Save you money. Replicate the best performing ads and, sales pages to get a high ROI.

Breakdown of Competitors 

See the display in one spot of competitors' winning ads and landing pages for easy comparisons and effortless analysis of what is working for replication.

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Demographics and Engagement Filters

Use the desired filters to search ads based on gender, age, marital status, and location with social proof for most likes, comments, or shares of what users are engaging with the most.

Effective Copyrighting

Geolocation Filter

Identify the locations where ads are being shown and have a better understanding of the audiences in each geolocation for future planning. Get an overview of videos and images that are getting positive social approval in a specific niche market and replicate their call to action in their niche for good results. Get to know the ads that are performing better in newsfeeds versus sidebar positions.




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