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We help our clientele to produce media assets solution -  video and radio ads, flipbook, social and banner ads solution for lead generation and engagement for conversion to increase brand awareness.

We encourage our client to use video marketing to convey the core brand values to the target market around the customer lifecycle marketing experience to build trust and establish a relationship for engagement that converts.We encourage our client to use video marketing to convey the core brand values to the target market around the customer lifecycle marketing experience to build trust and establish a relationship for engagement that converts. It is now clear that Video marketing has become the #1 to Engage Audiences, Generate Traffic, Leads, and ultimately Sales. Smart businesses recognize this to gain an unfair advantage over the competition. Major companies have used video marketing for conversion. The Celebs even are posting videos online to stay in the limelight. Additionally, niches such as top restaurants, gyms, salons, spas, finance, insurance, etc. rely heavily on videos today. Any business will lose out on the market if it is not using videos in the business. Jump in to take advantage of video marketing to increase sales.


Sales – Use video marketing to boost sales and increase return on investmentBrand Promo – To increase conversions and get more clientsVideo email – Use this to increase the click-through rate (CTR)Social Media Advertising – Use this to drive massive traffic to the website for engagement and conversion.

We Help Our Clients Grow Their Businesses

Dinet Comms is a digital marketing service agency. We help our clients grow their businesses. We want to help you grow your services to convert to a multi-million naira business outfit. We have produced two world-class videos for you to promote your business online on Facebook and Instagram as well as offline on Channel Television and TV Continental (TVC). Check this link to preview the videos showing your name and phone number alongside an irresistible call to action to enable you to get more businesses. You will thank us for this. Businesses may be slow, this exceptional video advertising will earn you more businesses within days.Check them out and call me for further discussion.                

The ultimate benefit of video marketing is to boost conversion. Video content can be used with other digital channels to grow a business. Using video in email marketing can boost open rates and increase the click-through rate. Video can help a website ranking on the search engine by engaging viewers. Video placed on YouTube helps the visibility of a brand and its chances of showing up in the search engine results page. 

That is not all. Video marketing in social media promotes the brand and quickens the conversation rate. The video encourages an increase in social signals activities through share, comments, and likes to extend the mileage among the target audience to build trust and credibility.   

Radio Ads Solution

Radio advertising supports other forms of media channels to engage a target audience. Radio advertising in brief seconds highlights the pain points of the target audience and offer a solution in an empathy manner that arrests attention with a repeated call to action to create awareness and conversion. 


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FlipBook Marketing

We help our clientele to design and publish eMagazine and convert to flipbook for the reading public that can be read online and share on social media. We convert e-Publication of financial reports, magazines, catalogs, etc in interactive digital format of PDF files and host for the reading public. The Flipbook can be read online, printed, and easily shared on social media networks. You can zoom in and zoom out, show thumbnail pages, view as double pages on a desktop or single on mobile devices, and even autoplay. The functionalities of the flipbook follow the dictate of the clientele. What’s more our clientele flipbooks’ keywords have been optimized to show on search engine result pages (SERP) initiated by search queries of the search engines.

Why You Should Host Your FlipBook Online?

It features a flipbook gallery for Annual Report, Business, Trade Shows, Festival, Convection, Lifecycle/Social, e-Magazine, Wedding, Mix Collection, etc. of event experience.  Our real3D Flipbook PDF-s are displayed as ultra-realistic 3D flipbooks fully responsive and optimized for mobile as a single page view, deep linking, interactive pages, PDF text search, PDF hyperlinks, unlimited books, and pages, and many more. Here is the link to a past Annual Report for browsing and assessment. Experience the world of animated 3D flipbook for various event experience. Our flipbook turnkey project includes a cover and page design, proofreading and editing, PDF conversion to animated flipbook HTML5, and hosting that enables a link through email marketing to the appropriate site.

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We can manage all aspects of an affiliate campaign for your business and know how to get affiliates motivated to sell your product. We know which affiliate networks are the best for your industry and we know how to build relationships that will lead to increased coverage of your product on these affiliate sites.