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According to Statcounter, the global mobile search engine share for July 2020 was Google 95. 37%, Baidu 1.09%, Yandex 1%, Yahoo 0.86%, Bing 0.51% and DuckDuckGo 0.39%. In like manner, that of tablet stood at Google 90.33%, Bing 5.24%, Yahoo 2.1%, DuckDuckGo 0.93%, Yandex 0.6%, and Baidu 0.39&. Go mobile!

More and more businesses are now creating beautifully designed mobile websites with high converting user experiences since Google search queries on mobile now exceeded those on desktop. 

We help our clientele to produce lightning-fast mobile website beautifully designed with optimized graphics for high converting user experience.  

We encourage businesses that do not have mobile-optimized websites to do so, so as not to be de-ranked by Google. 


Post Engagement Rate Increase


Page Engagement Rate Increase


Page Views In Average



We add customizable elements to the mobile website that accommodate headline, sub-heading, text, logo, icon, Youtube or Video link, etc. turning into beautiful layouts that easily convert. 

Mobile Design

Convert the mobile website into a mobile android app for download on Google Play or Apple Store. 

Android or iOS

Convert your websites to Android or iOS apps for easy accessibility by customers.

Mobile Hosting

We host our clientele mobile websites on Mobile-First Amazon Cloud Server for a higher mobile response that delights the customers.

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