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We help our clientele to create pr story for magazine, newspaper,online blogs, etc.with pick-ups from other online sources, including social media to increase visibility and SEO ranking.

Online PR is similar to traditional offline PR which informs, educates and therefore influences identified publics to achieve desired objectives. It is a tactic used by brands to increase their online visibility through building relationships with key content writers and online journalists to gain ‘press hits’, or citations, and high quality backlinks.

One can use proven public relations (PR) tools to build positive relationship between a business/brand and its customers or convert potential ones to customers. PR tools are very cost-effective to build sustainable reputation over time

Ways That Social Media is Changing PR

Influencer marketing continues to be a reliable bridge between brands and their target audience. These influencers have worked hard to build trust with their audiences on social media -- so much trust that their recommendations often lead to purchases. 

Two-Way Conversations

PR evecutives can organize campaigns in order to communicate a brand's message to an audience. But now that audience is able to communicate back to the brand as well, through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, etc. Audiences can now share their feedback instantaneously with a brand through social signals in the form of likes, comments and sharing to increase visibility.

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Online PR is an avenue to market a business or brand to a wider audience. It is about telling stories of a business or brand using online channels to influence target audience to build trust and foster deeper relationship that generate leads. 


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