Reputation Management

We help our clientele to develop an online reputation that observes and influences what’s being said about a brand on the web to gain a positive image that increases visibility, build up brand equity, and generate advocacy to grow a business.

Keeping up a positive online reputation is fundamental to organization, brand, and individual due to increase nature of online activities. Internauts are presently the ones who shape the reputation of the organization, brand, and individual through their conversations online. It is, therefore, an act of necessity for the organization, brand, and individual to gain positive mentions online to grow businesses or acceptability and earn the trust of their followers.  Building a positive reputation requires a proactive approach which takes years to achieve.  

The key elements of reputation management have been placed under Online Media Monitoring Solution covering such topics in sequential order as Social listening, Online Malicious Behaviour, Social Mention, Brand Monitoring, Audience Insights, Business Insights – Sentiment and Competitive Analysis and Data Analytics.  

Online Media Monitoring - Where are we? Who is talking about us? How does it affect our content creation and distribution? The online real-time media monitoring solution enables the organization, brand, and individual to monitor millions of web sources (social media, blogs, news networks, articles, reviews, forums, portals, etc.).

The solution measures and tracks what people are saying about your company, brand, product, or service, where was it said, the key influence about what is being said including their photos/video attachments and links to the sources. You will never miss out on the conversations about you. Need to monitor conversations about the organization, brand, and individual using online real-time media monitoring solution talk to us



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Brand Monitoring

Press Clippings - We provide daily or weekly reports about editorial deliberation of a brand or individual in MS word with links to source media files showing where the news is coming from and performance metrics score percentage in terms of strength, sentiment, passion and reach



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