The Ten Secrets About Email Validation Check Only A Handful Of People Know. Discover Them Here!

Email List Verification is the process of cleaning your email lists for the purpose of removing all the bad non-deliverable emails from the email list.

Purpose of Cleaning Your Email List are:

1.One of the biggest advantages of cleaning and scrubbing your email list is to get better open rates from your emails.

2. Small but targeted verified email list means your autoresponder fees will remain low.

3. Removing bad emails means you are saving your time in sending bad emails.

4. Improve campaign performance

5. Drive segmentation decision

6. Maintain high quality standard in with the statutory status acceptable globally.

7. Protect the reputation of the sender.

8. Verify bulk emails in millions

9. Reduces bounce back

10. It shows your are sending email to real users with real email boxes.

The techniques used to clean bad emails are: Domain & SMTP validation, Spam traps checker, Disposable emails cleaner, Catch-all domains checker, CheckerHard bounce checker, MTA validatorEmail duplicates remover